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In Your Dreams
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The Randy Albright Gallery

Story tellers have long used illustrations to accompany their printed words. “ A picture is worth a thousand words”, they say. I have told many stories through illustrations, many as simple as a portrait or sketch.

Some are commissioned tributes or memorials to family members. Other illustrations are period pieces, cars, drive-ins, etc. limited only by your imagination.

Still others involve a segment of my art business that I call “In Your Dreams” where the subject of the painting is portrayed as they might wish to see themselves. Real or imagined you can be a king, a pilot, a cowboy etc. It’s a perfect gift for retirement or other special occasion.

Cartoon and caricature portrayals are available as well.

Contact me for consultation and a free estimate.

Whimsical Characters

As a Pacific Northwest native, MOOSE and BEARS have always been a part of my area culture along with deer, elk, eagles and HUCKLEBABIES. My interpretation of these critters has led me down yet another path.

The souvenir industry along with the collectible market spawned many, many designs where my MOOSE and BEAR adventures seemed to take on a life of their own. They are fun and colorful and perfect for that “cabin art” or gift to the outdoorsman in your life. The designs are not limited to animals. People are also “fair game.”You can be portrayed in similar fashion.

All whimsical moose and bear designs are available for purchase as: T-shirts, posters, cards and hard goods such as mugs and mouse pads. PLEASE INQUIRE as to cost, minimums. Etc. I welcome dealer and commercial business inquiries.

All designs are COPYRIGHTED and may be used only by permission.Contact me for consultation and a free estimate.